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Strengthen the Base Fixing Loose Pavers Efficiently: 3 Essential Steps to follow

Due to multiple reasons, your paver can stay loose. One of the major reasons is if you do not use spacers between the paver slides. When you miss it, you may find large gaps between the slides. Eventually, the pavers become loose. For more info about deck installation Columbia MD click here.

According to any professional landscaping company, another situation that loosens the pavers is not compacting them with a sand base. When the slides are not compact, a shifting base can displace the pavers. Along with these reasons, other crucial reasons are aging, not-so-smooth water flow and so on.

Whatever the reason is, if your paver is not set well, the base remains weak. You must opt for paver resetting if it is loose. Here are the steps to fix the loose pavers.

Steps to follow:

• Step 1: Pull out the loose paver and keep it aside.
• Step 2: Spread a standard amount of sand out into a flat layer.
• Step 3: Spread it evenly and make it solid. Thus, the base is prepared.
•Step 4: Place the paver on the sand and adjust it as per the other pavers’ heights.
• Step 5: Use a rubber flat tool and gently tap the paver in place. Adjust the level as you need.

Well, the steps can help to fix the loose pavers. However, you may need to fix it frequently as many a time, the paver becomes loose. Sometimes, during maintenance and sometimes after installation, you may have to pour sand and fix the pavers. In that case, you may not have to pull the pavers up. Instead spread sand all over the loose pavers and sweep. Gradually, the gaps will be filled up with sand. You may have to sweep more than once.

Before You Go

Follow the above-mentioned steps to fix the issue. You can take professional help as well. Hire the best company for paver sealing tasks. If required, they may help you with paver washing as well. Also, you can get a helping hand for hardscaping, soft washing, and landscaping service from them. So, what are you waiting for? Find an expert for paver resetting today and get the task done.